ABBEY John Morgan


John Morgan ABBEY

Son of Thomas William and Miriam Abbey of Ambler Thorn.  John served in Royal Navy as an Able Seaman onboard HMS President III (SS King Edward).  John died on 27th December 1942, aged 20.  He is listed on the PORTSMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL (Panel 63, Column 1).

SS King Edward left Liverpool on 18th December 1942 outbound for New York, she was one of fifty ships that made up convoy ONS-154.  The convoy was first spotted on 26th December by enemy U-boats, who launched their first attack at 01:40hrs, 27th December, hitting two ships.

A second attack on the convoy, by U-356 resulted in the Dutch freighter Soekaboemi, at 04:10hrs, and the British freighter King Edward, at 04:15hrs, receiving hits. 

SS King Edward sank in 3 minutes with the loss of 23 crew members from a total of 48. 

U-356 was detected by the convoy escorts and subsequently sunk with the loss of all her crew.  Of the 50 ships in convoy ONS-154, 13 were lost between the 26th and 29th December 1942.