BOOTH George

George BOOTH


George was the son of the late Samuel and Emma Julia Booth, he had two sisters Harriet and Lucy and a brother John.

Having enlisted in February 1916 he was mobilized on 5th April 1916 joining the Royal Scots Regiment, he disembarked in France on 5th January 1917 and following time at Etaples joined the 16th Battalion in the field on 25th February 1917.  George was killed in action on 27th August 1917.

At the time of enlistment George lived at Alexandra Street, Great Horton and was employed as a clerk he was aged 21, his medical records show that he had a slight defect of under chest standard however this was not sufficient to cause rejection.  Next of Kin records show that his mother moved to Queensbury, living at 1 Victoria Street, his sister Lucy is also shown as married and living in Queensbury.

Following his death, the following items were returned to his mother: Disc, Photos, Cards, Cigarette case, stamp.  George is buried at HARGICOURT BRITISH CEMETERY (I. E. 11)

The 16th Battalion. Royal Scots Regiment were involved in an attack on 26th August 1917 and then held the trenches for the next two days. The attack on 26th August cost the Battalion 30 men killed, 96 wounded and 30 missing and on 27th August a further 3 men killed, 24 wounded (George being one of those killed) and on 28th August 1 man killed, 12 wounded and 3 missing.