S Buckley

Sydney enlisted at the start of the war first joining the Infantry and then a few days later transferring to the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve and serving in Hood Battalion, Royal Naval Division.  The division which served on land as infantry took part in the Gallipoli Campaign.

Sydney was killed in action on 4th June 1915 when his battalion went over the top against the Turks, a detailed account of the action can be found in Joseph Murray’s book Gallipoli 1915, serving in the same Company as Murray a picture of Sydney can be found in the book Call to Arms, again written by Murray.  First recorded as missing then as killed Sydney is commemorated on the HELLES MEMORIAL (panel 8 to 15).

Born in West Hartlepool in 1893, Sydney was one of nine children, his parents been John and Mary Elizabeth. 1911 saw his widowed mother and seven of the children including Sydney living at 6 Sunnybank Road, Greetland, he was aged 17 at this time and employed in the mills as a cotton mule spinner.  The Queensbury roll records Sydney and his brother George living at Albert Edward Street, it is to be presumed that they came to the village to work in the mill.