S Cockroft
Courtesy of Halifax Courier

Sam was the son of Charles and Martha Ann Cockroft, of 40, West End, Queensbury.  He was the youngest of four children (one brother, two sisters) by trade he was a plumber.

He attested on 28th November 1915 and was mobilized on 29th February 1916.  Originally serving in the 3rd (reserve) Battalion he was posted to 1st/6th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) on 9th June 1916.

Sam arrived in France on 15th June 1916, he was killed in action on 15th September 1916, aged 28, he is buried at LONSDALE CEMETERY, AUTHUILLE. (V. L. 9).

On the morning of 15th September 1916, the battalion were billeted in the village of Hedauville, behind the lines in the Somme sector.  As the Commanding Officer started to inspect the battalion by Companies (Coy) orders were received that they were to proceed to the trenches to relieve the 32nd Brigade.

Having met guides at Crucifix Corner they took shelter in a nearby wood and halted for a few hours before moving to the trenches that formed the Leipzig Salient, Theipval.  As they moved off the Germans attacked the left of the salient and heavy artillery barrages were put down by both sides.  D Coy went into the front line first and had a number of casualties before getting there.  Sam serving in D Coy is listed in the War Diary as: killed by shell.