DEWS Wallace

Wallace DEWS


Wallace was the only son of John and Wilhelmina Dews, he had an older sister Edith and three younger sisters Ruth, Ethel and Annie.  His mother died in 1908.  In 1911 the family were living at 5 Henage Street, New Park Road, Queensbury, Wallace, then aged 18, was an apprentice drawing overlooker.

Killed in action on 17th January 1917, Wallace served in the 6th Battalion. Yorkshire Regiment.

His battalion had been in the area of Forceville, which is North West of Albert, for some time.  On the 11th January they moved via Lancashire Dump to the Beaucourt trench system.  They came under shell fire on the 12th and 13th before moving back to reserve dugouts on the evening of the 14th January, for the next two days they prepared and rehearsed for the forthcoming attack.

Following a hot meal, at midnight, the battalion moved into Sulva trench and at 05:30hrs on 17th January formed up in waves in front of their trench.  At 06:35hrs the Artillery barrage opened up.  The War Diary notes that many Officers and men were wounded by their own barrage, by 06:55hrs positions were reached and the battalion set about consolidating their new positions.  No German counter attack materialized.

Wallace Dews is commemorated on the THIEPVAL MEMORIAL (Pier and Face 3 A and 3 D).