Walter was living at 70 Ford Hill, Ambler Thorn, Queensbury at the time of the 1911 census, his parents were David and Hannah and Walter was a steam locomotive engine driver.  Recorded as a visitor, Beatrice Wyatt was also living at this address, she was from Barnsley and had the occupation of Mill Twister Molder Worsted (Factory).

Walter married Beatrice on 12th May 1913 and they lived at 34 Laugan Street, Barnsley. They had one child, a girl who was aged 1 year and 8 months, at the time of Walter’s death.

It seems that the couple may have moved away from Barnsley as Walter enlisted in Preston.  However, he did serve in the 1st Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own).  He was killed in action on 3rd March 1916 aged 34.

From the war diary we can see that the Battalion moved via Poperinge to the trenches at Ypres, namely Gully sector on the night of 1st March 1916 the relief was completed at 02:45hrs on 2nd March and although the artillery of both sides was active the Battalion received no casualties on their first day.

The 3rd March saw a quiet night recorded, two patrols went out and reported the enemy working on his wire.  The Battalion casualties for the day were one killed and one accidently wounded.  Walter is buried at POTIJZE BURIAL GROUND CEMETERY (G. 1), North-East of the town of Ypres.

Beatrice married Henry Dryden on 27th April 1918, she died in March 1940 aged 49.

From the Halifax Courierdated 18th March 1916:

“News has been received of the death of Pte. Walter Emmott, 6222, West Yorkshire Regiment.  He was among the first sent out to the war, and had been through the brunt of the fighting.  Prior to his death he had been confined to hospital with an attack of bronchitis, brought on by exposure, and on his discharge was drafted back into the firing line and was shot on March 3rd. His chum, Pte. George Butterfield, in a letter to Mr. and Mrs. Emmott said: ” Walter and I have always been the best of chums, formerly in India and later here and I must say at the finish he died like a British hero.  I loved him more than a brother, as we had stuck together through thick and thin.  His unfortunate death took place while removing him to the dressing station.”