In 1911 Joe, who was then aged 27, lived with his mother Elizabeth (Betty) at 21 Sandbeds, Queensbury, his father Herbert had passed away but also living at the family home were three of his brothers and his sister, in total Herbert and Elizbeth had seven children, six boys and one girl, Joe was their second born.

Joe who before the war was a warehouseman clerk in a textile mill served in the 2nd/4th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment).  He was killed in action on 3rd May 1917, he has no known grave and is commemorated on the ARRAS MEMORIAL (Bay 6).

At 03:45hrs on 3rd May 1917 the 2nd/4th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s attacked the Hindenburg Line, from the railway embankment line, North of Ecoust.  The first attack was not successful and later in the morning at 05:30hrs a second attack was launched, this attack was again forced back to the embankment at 06:15hrs having had very heavy casualties.

Total Battalion casualties for the action were: Officers killed 2, missing 2, wounded 4. Other ranks killed 7, missing 72, wounded 154.  The Battalion held the embankment with a strength of 2 Officers and 150 Other Ranks until the night of the 4th/5th May when they were relived from the front line.

Serving in the same battalion and also killed in action on 3rd May 1917:

Arthur DAY, Willie DRAKE.