HAIGH Geoffrey

Geoffrey James HAIGH

Son of Harold and Elsie Haigh, of Queensbury.  Geoffrey served in the Royal Navy as an Able Seaman onboard HMLCT. 7015.  He died on 18th October 1944, aged 20.  Geoffrey is listed on the PLYMOUTH NAVAL MEMORIAL.

HMLCT. 7015, was a Landing Craft Tank.

Following the D-Day landings, the need for landing crafts was now in the Far East, to save the engines of these craft the decision was made to tow the LCT’s for most of the journey. 

On 14th October the 9th LCT Flotilla departed Clyde with five LCT’s under the tow of three Merchant Navy ships, 7015 along with LCT 491 were attached to Fort Finlay.  As they sailed down the coast they were joined by more ships and four more LCT’s to form the convoy OS92/KMS66.

The weather conditions rapidly deteriorated on the 17th and by the morning of the 18th the LCT’s, now off the coast of Lands End, were in great difficulty.  Taking on water and being thrown around in the heavy seas they were forced to cut their tows, radio contact was lost, and the crews were left to fight to save their crafts. 

The fate of LCT 7015 is unknown, despite searches by other ships in the convoy and by plane she was not located and was lost at sea along with 18 crew members.

A detailed timetable of events and more information can be found on www.combinedops.com under 9th LCT Flotilla.