Fred who was a dyers labourer attested on 28th November 1915 at the age of 23 and was mobilized on 28th April 1916.  He arrived in France on 16th August 1916 and was then posted to the 10th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment).

It is believed that he was the son of Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Heppinstall although this cannot be confirmed.  In June 1915 Fred married Esther Ellison at Queensbury Parish Church, Ester had a child Rennie who was born in 1909.  Fred’s service records show that they lived at 29 Melrose Place, Great Horton.

Fred was wounded on 25th December 1916, receiving a GSW (gunshot) right arm and was treated firstly at the field ambulance and then at a casualty clearing station.  His wound was light as he returned to duty on 5th January 1917.  In March and May, he was admitted to hospital with scabies.  Fred was killed in action on 20th September 1917.

Correspondence in his service records show that Ester was living at 9 Great Street, Queensbury in 1917 and then by April 1918 at 7 Oakley Street.  Included in his records is a letter from the vicarage of St Clements, Bradford which states that Rennie Ellison was the child of the widow of Private Heppinstall and was maintained by the latter from the date of his marriage, it is to be presumed that this was to support Esther’s pension claims.

Returned to Esther and Rennie were the following items of property: bible, wallet, photo, letters.  Fred is commemorated on the TYNE COT MEMORIAL (Panel 82 to 85 and 162A).