KENDALL Frederick

Frederick KENDALL


Frederick William was born in 1898 his parents were Noble and Emma and he had two older sisters, Olive and Doris and a younger sister Edith.  Edith was born in 1904, her mother Emma died in 1904 at the age of 30 and it is to be presumed that she died through complications during or after the birth.

Noble Kendall remarried at Holy Trinity church Queensbury on 29 December 1906, his wife was Eliza Keely who was a widow, she had two children George and Kathleen.  The 1911 census records that Noble and Eliza had a child together, Norman.  The whole family lived at 6 Great Street, Queensbury.  Noble was a coalminer, the two eldest girls worked in the mill as worsted spinners, Frederick who in 1911 was aged 13 worked as a Doffer Spinner.

Frederick served in the 1st Battalion. West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own) he was aged 20 when he was killed in action on 21st March 1918, he is named on the ARRAS MEMORIAL (Bay 4).

On 21st March the Battalion were in the trenches close to Morchies, at 05:00hrs the enemy launched an intense barrage on all trenches, routes of approach and gun battery positions, the attack was the start of the German spring offensive of 1918 and was across a 50-mile front.

B and D companies of the Battalion who were in the front line suffered tremendous casualties from the barrage.  The whole 6th Division made a splendid stand but were forced to withdraw.

The 1st Battalion. West Yorkshire Regiment were relived from the front line on the night of 22nd March, 1 Officer and 46 Other Ranks returned to the Battalion’s billets.  In total the Battalion casualties were: 1 Officer (Off) and 8 Other Ranks (ORs) killed, 3 Off and 18 ORs wounded, 2 Off and 9 ORs wounded missing and 17 Off and 531 ORs missing.