PASHLEY Laurence

Laurence PASHLEY

Son of George William and Dora Pashley, of Queensbury.  Laurence served in the Royal Artillery as a Gunner in 182 Battery. 65 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment. 

He died betwen 16-17th May 1941, aged 22.  Laurence is buried at ABERDEEN (TRINITY) CEMETERY, BROADHILL EXTENSION.

Laurence’s regiment were sailing from Orkney down the coast for redeployment aboard the SS Archangel when she was attacked off the coast of Aberdeen by German bombers which scored several hits. The ship was beached and broke in 4 pieces, 17 crew members lost their lives, it is unknown how many passengers (troops) were lost.

George and Dora lived in 1945 on Mount Pleasant Street, the family were originally from Barnsley and Laurence’s name can be found on the Blacker Hill memorial in the town. 

Headstone inscription:  “His life a beautiful memory; His absence a silent grief”.