PIMM Herbert

Herbert PIMM


 Herbert was born in Bradford in 1892, it is believed that his parents were James and Mary Elizabeth, and that he had two brothers, Fred and William.  The family are hard to trace on the census returns with no trace of Herbert at all.

The Army Registers of Soldiers Effects show that a Miss Hilda Heffron, later recorded as Hilda Medley was to receive Herbert’s effects.  Hilda Heffron was aged 14 in 1911 and lived at Scholes, in early 1919 she married William Medley.

Herbert served in 12th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales’s Own) and was killed in action on 13th April 1917.

The Halifax Courier noted the death of Herbert, although brief, we know that he was aged 25 and lived at 29 Lane Side, Queensbury.  He is named on the ARRAS MEMORIAL (Bay 4).