ROBINSON Priestley

Priestley ROBINSON



Priestley served in the 1st/4th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) and was killed in action on 25th February 1918.  On the 21st February the battalion spent the night at the infantry barracks Ypres before reliving the 1st Battalion, Otago Regiment in the Reutel Sector, the relief was carried out with no casualties, the 23rd and 24th were fairly quiet days on the line.

On 25th February the front line was heavily bombarded, a machine gun emplacement was blown in and during the bombardment the Battalion had 2 Other Ranks killed and one wounded; Private (Pte) Robinson and Pte Kaye killed and Company Sergeant Major Brooke wounded.

Even though they were killed at the same time the two Privates are now buried in different cemeteries, Pte Kaye is buried at AEROPLANE CEMETERY and Pte Robinson, Priestley, is buried at BUTTES NEW BRITISH CEMETERY, POLYGON WOOD (II. B. 10).

In 1901 Priestley lived at Beggerington Square, Queensbury and in 1911 was living at 19 Alexandra Street, Queensbury.  His parents were John and Elizabeth Grundy, although the 1911 census notes that he and his three older brothers (Enoch, Herbert and Southwell) were stepsons.  Priestley also had a younger sister, Harriet Ann Grundy.  Elizabeth Robinson had married John Grundy at St Paul’s Church, Denholme on 25th November 1893.