J W Rushworth
Courtesy of Halifax Courier

In 1911 Jonas William Rushworth lived at 1 Ada Street, New Park Road, Queensbury with his parents Charles and Eliza Jane, aged 16 he was their eldest son and had one older sister and six younger siblings (5 sisters, 1 brother).  Jonas was employed in the mills as a doffer.

Jonas served in the 1st/7th Battalion. Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) and was killed in action on 3rd September 1916.  At 00:15hrs on 3rd September the Battalion had marched to assembly trenches in Thiepval Wood in preparation for an attack by the Brigade in conjunction with other troops.  All were in position by 04:20hrs and the attack commenced at 05:10hrs.

German artillery retaliation began shortly after and became heavy between 06:00hrs and 07:00hrs and continuing throughout the day, slacking off in the afternoon.  The 1st/7th Battalion received orders to attack at 16:00hrs and were issued with extra rations, water and bombs.  At 19:00hrs these rations were returned, and the Battalion received orders to march back to Hedauville passing back through Aveluy Woods where they retrieved their packs that had been dumped there.

The Battalions casualties for 3rd September were 1 Officer killed and 3 wounded.  15 Other Ranks killed, 99 wounded/missing.

Jonas William Rushworth is commemorated on the THIEPVAL MEMORIAL (Pier and Face 6 A and 6 B).