Shack (1)

James Shackleton served in the Army Service Corps, he was mobilized on 18th September 1915 and first saw service abroad in Egypt where he disembarked on 23rd October 1915. Leaving that theater of operations on 1st April 1916, James then went to serve in France.

He returned to England on 26th July 1916, although it is not clear from his records where he then served.  On 26 December he was admitted to Kings Heath Hospital, Birmingham where he remained until 17th January 1917.  Upon discharge his service classification was changed to C3, and in February he was posted to Southport.  On 18th March 1917 he was admitted to St Luke’s War Hospital, Halifax, whilst on furlough suffering from pneumonia.  Records show that he was at that time pending transfer to the army reserve, with a classification of class P.

James died in hospital on 7th April 1917, he was aged 49.  Originally buried in AMBLER THORN UNITED METHODIST CHAPELYARD James’s remains were concentrated in HARROGATE (STONEFALL) CEMETERY (Sec. H. Row K. Grave 11.) on 29 February 1984.

Born in Halifax, James’s mother was Jane Bell (formally Shackleton) it is known that he had a brother and three sisters.  At the time of enlistment, James was living with his mother on Broughton Street, Boothtown, he was employed as a labourer.