SYKES Sydney


Sydney SYKES

Son of John William and Sarah Edith Sykes; husband of Emma Sykes, of Queensbury.  Sydney served in the South Staffordshire Regiment as Private in the 1st/6th Battalion. 

He died on 22nd July 1944, aged 28.  Sydney is buried at FONTENAY-LE-PESNEL WAR CEMETERY, TESSEL.  France.

Sydney Thomas Sykes lived in 1939 at 12 Great Street, by trade he was a wood machinist.  In October of that year he married Emma Kendall, Emma’s family lived on Northern Street.

The 1st/6th Battalion landed in France in late June 1944 and were soon in action in the fighting to capture the city of Caen.  Following this they continued south into bocage* country, the French countryside was a challenge to fight in due to its high thick hedges which lined all the fields, it restricted vehicle movement including tanks and it was impossible to know what was on the other side of a hedge. 

Sydney was killed in one of the small local contacts with the enemy, his headstone reads: “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends”.

*Bocage is a terrain of mixed woodland and pasture characteristic of parts of France, England and Ireland, as well as in the Netherlands and in northern Germany. Source, Wikipedia