Sam served in the 31st Battalion. Canadian Infantry.  Born in 1893 his birthplace is given as Queensbury by the CWGC, although the census shows Clayton.

In 1901 he was living with his mother Mary at Briggs Street, Queensbury.  Sam had one sister and five brothers, he was the youngest and his two eldest brothers had already left home.  Mary is recorded as a widow, it is unclear when her husband Joshua died however it is known from the West Yorkshire, Prison Records that on the 16th November 1893 Joshua was found guilty of the offence of threatening Mary Waddington, for this he received a fine.

In 1911 Mary and her family were living at 5 Dundas Street, Thornbury, Sam aged 18 was a draper’s apprentice.  On 12th April 1913 Sam sailed on the Megantic from Liverpool to the destination port of Portland, papers show that he was heading to Calgary, Canada and his given occupation was that of a farmer.

Sam enlisted on 31st May 1915 in Calgary, the following information is taken from the Canadian Great War Project and shows that there are 2 attestation papers for Sam one dating from May 1915 and one from October 1917.  There is no mention of any discharge anywhere on the papers.  The main difference would appear to be the occupation given; In 1915 it is a farmer and in 1917 it is a Musician.  There are also 2 Army numbers one being 2621886 and the other listed as 13695.  The 1917 set also state that he had previously served for 13 months in the 13th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles and the Canadian Infantry 50th Battalion.

The papers from 1915 are difficult to read however the 1917 papers are typed and show Mary as his next of kin her address is given as 12 Laisterdyke, Bradford.  Sam’s address is given as King George Hotel, Calgary.

The CWGC record Sam as serving in the Canadian Infantry (Alberta Regiment) Division: 31st Batalion, with the service number 2621886, their records also state that he was a professional musician and concert promoter to the Battalion.  Sam was aged 26 when he was killed in action on 9th August 1918, he is buried at CAIX BRITISH CEMETERY (II. A. 6).