Son of James Leroy and Charlotte Wright; nephew of Louisa F. Cragg, of Queensbury.  Arthur served in King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, as a Private, with the 1st Battalion.

Arthur died on 2nd June 1940, aged 20.  He is buried at DOVRE CHURCHYARD, Norway.

Louisa Cragg lived on Highfield Terrace.  Arthur’s available military records show that he was from Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

The King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry landed in Norway in April 1940 as part of the Allied attempt to liberate Norway following the German invasion and occupation of the mainland and government. The campaign lasted until June 10th, 1940.

Three Allied soldiers are buried in Dovre Churchyard which is approximately 100km north of Lillehammer.  Arthur’s headstone inscription reads:  “New treasures of countless price God will provide sacrifice”.