Hubert Kenneth Wright was the son of Edward Holroyd Wright and Ann Wright of the Beeches, Bingley. Although living in Bingley at the time of Hubert’s death the family were from Queensbury.  In 1911 they were living at Sutcliffe Fold, Littlemoor.

Hubert was one of six children, although by 1911 two of his siblings had died one of which was his brother Ferdinand Cecil N Wright who from the Halifax Courieris described as“ one of the best cricketers ever produced in the village, during his brief, but brilliant career assisting Queensbury, Halifax and Idle CC and in addition to his brilliance at cricket won his international cap for hockey against Ireland.” Ferdinand died in 1899 aged 22.

Hubert himself played for Queensbury Cricket Club and was a prominent member of the first 11, being a very useful fast bowler.  The Halifax Couriernotes that “both on and off the field he was held in the highest esteem and regard owing to his unassuming character by a large circle of friends and acquaintances”.  In 1911 Hubert was employed as wool noils and shorts dealer.

The Halifax Courier give Hubert the junior officer rank of Lieutenant however all military documents show that he was a Private in the Army Service Corps serving in “Y” Siege Park, attached. XXII Corps.  He died on 12th January 1918.   There is some confusion to the cause of his death as his Medal Index Card records “died (suicide) 12th January 1918”, the Halifax Courierdated 26th January 1918 reports that he died of pneumonia.

Hubert was aged 33 and is buried at RENINGHELST NEW MILITARY CEMETERY (IV. A. 11). His headstone inscription is: “God Accept Him, Christ Receive Him”.